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Are You Planning A Dog Party? Wait!

Are you planning a party for your dog’s birthday, gotcha day, or something else?  Wait!  We know how fun dog parties can be, but before you add all of your dog’s friends to the guest list, make sure your house is safe and your dog will be protected from Parvovirus.



This should be step one on your list of things to do!  Make sure your dog has been vaccinated for Parvo and has received the entire round of shots before inviting your dog’s friends over.  With so many dogs in one area, the disease can be spread from one dog to the next without you even knowing it.  Vaccinations are your dog’s best defense against Canine Parvovirus, so make sure your dog is up-to-date on his or her vaccines before the party!


Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Home

Will the party be at your house?  Great!  However, there are a few things to consider first before setting up the balloons.

Outdoors: Have you previously had a dog with Parvo in your home?  Think the outdoors will kill the virus?  Think again.  The virus can live in the environment for several months to up to a year, and severe weather will not kill the disease.  Whether the climate is extremely hot or freezing with ice and snow, the pathogen can still survive in the environment.  The only way to ensure that your home is safe?  Bleach.

It is recommended that you create a mixture of bleach and water to spray your grass, dirt, plants, and fence.  Unfortunately, the solution will most likely kill any plants outside, however, your home will be safe for animals again after disinfecting.

Indoors: Having a party indoors?  Awesome.  Just make sure to use that same bleaching solution for all hard surfaces, and wash any fabrics with a bleaching agent as well.

Check out our prevention tips for more ways to make sure your home is safe for dogs.


Areas With Other Dogs

Planning the party somewhere other than your home?  Parvovirus is very resilient, meaning that your dog’s favorite dog park is potentially harboring the virus as well.  If your dog has not received his or her full round of shots, DO NOT take him or her to the dog park, pet stores, or anywhere else that is heavily trafficked by animals.

If you yourself come into contact with other dogs while out buying party supplies, make sure to take off your shoes before going back inside your house if your dog is not vaccinated.  Wash all clothes immediately, as the virus can be transmitted on shoes, clothing, your hands, etc.  Be sure to take extra care and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently!


Fun Ideas For A Dog Birthday Party

1. Buy fun party hats- we can’t guarantee that your dog will tolerate wearing a hat for more than a few minutes, but you can snap some pretty cute pictures if you can keep it on them long enough!

2. Bake a dog cake- There are so many dog cake recipes out there, just make sure that all of the ingredients are dog-friendly.  We suggest peanut butter or pumpkin flavors!

3. Get your dog a fun birthday gift such as a new dog toy or bully sticks.


After you have taken all of the proper precautions to prevent Parvovirus in your home, call all of your dog’s best friends over to enjoy some pupcakes and playing!  Let us know how you celebrate your furry friend turning another year old!