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WHY is the Canine Parvovirus so famous?

Canine Parvovirus is one of the most severe and deadly diseases that impacts dogs.  The virus attacks either a dog’s heart or intestines, slowly weakening the body until they are defenseless on their own.  It is one of the most feared diseases by pet owners and animal professionals alike, and if left untreated, the disease is fatal.  Let’s be honest – something of that severity will definitely get a lot of attention!

Despite the Hype

Even though the symptoms are scary and there is a big negative hype about the disease, there are many forms of treatment and ways to combat the virus.  Fluid and nutrient replacement, hospitalization, and antibiotics have all been proven as successful therapies.

Survival Rate

Despite what the media portrays, your dog actually has a survival rate of about 85% if he or she contracts the disease. That doesn’t mean 15% of puppies die from Parvo, but rather 15% of puppies who are exposed to Parvo and actually catch it will die.  So even though Parvo is famous for being a scary, deadly disease, with the proper treatment and care, your dog can survive Parvo and get back to his or her normal self!

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The cardiac form of Parvo is much less common than the intestinal form, however the symptoms are much more dangerous. A few of the symptoms from Cardiac Parvo include difficulty breathing, lethargy & depression. While some symptoms from Intestinal Parvo include bloody diarrhea, vomiting & lack of appetite

Always consult your veterinarian for medical advice.