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Oggie’s Story

This is the journey of an 8 week old English Bulldog, who was born into a litter that had Canine Parvovirus, and beat the odds thanks to his loving and devoted pet parents, Michelle and Doug.  

Oggie first started to show symptoms of the Parvovirus the first day that he was brought to his new home.  He had blood in his stool, a sign that his owner Michelle knew to look for after a previous dog that she had owned had similar symptoms.  Oggie was really lethargic, and that was very unusual for a puppy. He was acting like he didn’t feel well at all and would hardly move.  Michelle and Doug took Oggie to the vet immediately, and Oggie was tested and confirmed for Canine Parvovirus.

At the Vet

Oggie spent seven days straight in the vet’s office being treated for Parvovirus.  While he was there, Oggie was not doing very well. It was the sixth day that he was there, and the vet told Michelle that he was not eating and that it didn’t look good.  That was the moment in which Michelle said she wanted to go see Oggie.

“When we went to go visit Oggie at the vet, because Parvo is so contagious, they would not let us go back and see him.  I wore them down and they finally let me go back. They wouldn’t let me go in the room where Oggie was staying, but they let me stand at the door.”   

The very next morning, the vet texted Michelle and told her that Oggie was eating, he had started drinking, and he seemed to be getting better.  The vet even said to Michelle, “I think it’s your visit that really helped him when you stood at the door.” Michelle and Doug are not sure if talking to Oggie through the door is really what made him start to recover, but it was heartwarming to hear that he was finally starting to turn the corner.  There were three other litter mates there with Oggie, and unfortunately, some of his litter mates did not make it.

Home from the hospital

Oggie had to be on a special diet when he came home from the animal hospital.  His intestines couldn’t handle too much “rich” food, so he was on a diet of canned dog food that was very bland and that was specially formulated for dogs that had gastrointestinal issues.  He was on this diet for about a week or two, and then Michelle slowly started to give him his regular food again. Michelle and Doug watched Oggie very closely, and had him checked out by the vet every two weeks in order to make sure that he was developing properly.

After the diagnosis, Michelle and Doug threw away almost everything.  They had two other dogs at the time, so they threw away all of their toys, their dog beds, and their dog kennels in order to prevent Parvo from spreading.  Everything in the home that could not be thrown away was cleaned with bleach.

Since Michelle and Doug had other dogs at the time of diagnosis, they were afraid that their other dogs might catch the contagious disease.  The vet assured them that since they were older dogs (4 years old) with all of their vaccinations, they were not highly susceptible and Michelle and Doug should not be too worried about them getting sick.

Michelle’s Advice 

“The very first thing you should do (if you think your dog has Parvo) is to go see the vet and maybe even get a second opinion.  Keep taking your dog back to the vet.”

Michelle’s veterinarian told her to “take this dog back, you don’t want this dog, he will probably have problems for the rest of his life.”  Although he was a good veterinarian, he was very negative about Oggie’s situation. “I’m not that kind of person. I love dogs and I’m not just going to take him back because he’s sick. It’s like taking a little baby to the doctor, and them telling you that he is going to be sick for the rest of his life so give him up for adoption.  No. Just give your dog lots of love, because they need it. I believe that they’re part of the family, not just a pet.”

After diagnosis and treatment, keep an eye on your dog when it goes to the bathroom.  Check out the feces, and make sure your dog stays hydrated!

Oggie Today

Oggie is now 3 years old!  He still has a lot of health issues to this day.  Michelle believes a lot of his issues could be due to the care that he received before she adopted him, but she also believes that some of it could be part of an after effect of the Parvo and that the disease may have done a little bit of damage.

This is just one of many Parvo success stories!